Trust Accounting Module (compliance check against Solicitor Accounts Rules)

Integrate with the Accounting and Matter management module to manage the trust accounts of the client in accordance to the matter engaged by the client and will have built-in mechanism to safeguard the trust accounts with compliance to the Law Society’s Solicitor Accounts Rules.

1-click generation of the Performa Invoice by seamlessly gathering the following information:

  • Client’s information from Client’s Matter
  • Auto-generation of invoice with cover letters to be sent to the client

Management of the Trust Funds:

  • Depositing and managing the trust funds for each client
  • Dispensing of the client funds for approved transfers
  • Compliance checks against the guidelines of the Law Society’s Solicitor Accounts Rules

Trust Accounting Report:

  • Trust Account Receipt
  • Trust Account Statement
  • Trust Journal Reports
  • Trust Cash Payment Reports
  • Trust Cash Receipt Reports
  • Trust Account Ledger
  • Trust Matter Register
  • Trust Overdraws
  • Trust Cheques
  • Uncleared Trust Funds
  • Audit Report
  • Dormant Balance Report
  • Transit Register
  • Trust Account Balance
  • Trust Retainers Report